Become a Schedule holder

To be eligible for a Schedule contract, you must have:

  • Been in business for two years
  • Two years of financial statements
  • Measurable past performance

These requirements are waived for some businesses through our Startup Springboard program.

You need to submit an offer and be awarded a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract before you can pursue opportunities restricted to Schedule holders. This process may take several weeks to months to complete. If you plan to also pursue small business set-asides, we recommend you complete your small business certification first.

Being awarded a MAS contract in and of itself, does not result in the purchase of your products(s) or service(s). You must still pursue opportunities, market your business and compete against other Schedule contractors for orders.

How to apply to become a Schedule holder

You must complete these activities to become a Schedule holder:

  1. Register your business not completed
  2. Certify as small (optional) not completed
  3. Get on Schedule (optional)
  4. Market your business not completed
  5. Research solicitations not completed
  6. Respond to a solicitation not completed
  7. What to expect next not completed
Last Reviewed: 2023-04-28