Welcome package for Schedule contractors

Since you've been awarded a contract, you are now “on Schedule.” These resources will help you stay in compliance and be successful.

Required actions after contract award


Before potential customers can see your products or services online, you must complete these starter tasks.

Download the multiple award schedule contractor compliance checklist [PDF - 19 KB] as a printable PDF.

Action When to complete

Submit your electronic catalog to GSA Advantage! according to contract Clause I-FSS-600.

Within 30 calendar days of award

If your contract has Transactional Data Reporting requirements, register for a FAS ID to access the FAS Sales Reporting portal.

Read contract Clause 552.238-80 for more info.

15 days before the first sales reporting period ends

Required actions to administer your contract

Activity Timing Description
Sales reporting Throughout the lifecycle of the contract You must track and report all sales made through your Schedule by special item number.
Executive compensation and first-tier subcontract awards (if you are not a small business) Throughout the lifecycle of the contract

You may be required to use the System for Award Management to report the compensation of your top executives each year.

Recommended actions to support and market your contract

Get help

For required actions within 30 days of contract award, use the contacts and resources page.

For the contract itself, have your contract number ready and locate your administrative contracting officer.

Last Reviewed: 2023-04-11