Marketing Your Schedule Contract

Get more government customers

New contractors often ask how to market their new contract.

Two of the specific tools you'll want to use are and the Schedule Sales Query Plus. Using these tools, you can research potential customers' spending habits and identify customers that have bought products/services similar to those you offer on your Schedule contract.

There's a lot of information to help you but you must decide where to focus your efforts and resources.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where are the government customers?
  • What is a successful marketing strategy?
  • How can companies partner with GSA in order to be a better provider to federal customers?
  • What resources are available to help me become a successful marketer?
  • How can GSA help me?

We provide four primary sites to help market:

  • GSA Advantage!® - This is where agencies come to find potential sources. This is your greatest marketing tool, available to you at no cost. You'll need to keep your information current; having information listed here is a contractual obligation.
  • eBuy - This is an online Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Quote (RFQ) tool that agencies use to post opportunities. It is only available once your catalog is approved and uploaded to GSA Advantage!®. Review eBuy regularly for opportunities.
  • Vendor Support Center (VSC) - The marketing section provides various resources and information regarding market research, exposure, and bidding on opportunities.

Use the GSA Logo

You may use the GSA Logo GSA Starmark logo to identify your Schedule contract to the government community. The design is flexible, allowing you space to insert your Schedule contract number.

Find the guidelines for the proper use of the GSA logo and GSA Schedule Contract Star Mark at

Using these designs does not eliminate the requirement that a contractor comply with GSAR 552.203-71, Restriction on Advertising. Use these designs in advertisements directed toward government contract users, provided that the advertisements do not state or imply that the supplies (products) or services are endorsed or preferred by the government.

How Government Customers will Find You

As a GSA Schedule contractor, your firm will be listed in GSA eLibrary, our online source for the latest contract award information.

You may search GSA eLibrary by

  • Contractor/Manufacturer Name,
  • Schedule Number/Name,
  • Special Item Number (SIN), or
  • Keywords.

You can also find out the name and contract information for your GSA Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO) under your company's listing on GSA eLibrary, if you need to contact GSA.

Keep Your Information Current

Your Schedule prices, labor categories, worldwide, or CONUS status are all listed in the "Contractor T&Cs/Pricelist," which is uploaded to both eLibrary and GSA Advantage!®

Buyers use your published pricelist on eLibrary for budgeting and market research.

The online version of your T&Cs/Pricelist is created or updated when a company submits a Schedule Input Program (SIP) submission and it is approved by GSA.

A SIP submission is required every time anything is changed related to labor categories, products, or prices. It may also be required when background information like past experience and descriptions of services or products provided.

Agencies rely on the accuracy of this information to identify companies that may be a good fit for the upcoming RFQ. An agency is unlikely to engage a company that does not keep this file up-to-date.

Whether you are a seasoned government contractor or just getting started, networking is essential to building relationships to grow your business. Getting to know more about government agencies, upcoming contract opportunities, acquisition strategies, and procurement timelines will help your company better prepare for potential opportunities.

Attend industry days

Agency buyers often conduct industry days for their requirements to provide details on what, when, and how the government is seeking contractor support and specific mission needs contractors can address. Industry days also offer opportunities to meet one on one with program personnel. Some include question-and-answer sessions with valuable information on the procurement and upcoming opportunities.

Consider teaming opportunities

Our Schedule contractors can team with other Schedule contractors through contractor team arrangements. These CTAs can help you fill competency or experience gaps or share the burden of a larger project.

Connect with agency small business offices

Every federal agency has an office assigned to help small businesses access procurements that are reserved exclusively for small businesses participation. For example, we have national and regional small business representatives, and most military bases have local offices to assist small businesses with procurements.

You should reach out to these offices if you would like to do business with that agency. Ask about upcoming industry days, small business outreach events, procurement pipeline information, and the best ways to stay apprised of their business opportunities.

As a GSA Schedule contractor, your firm will be listed in GSA eLibrary, our online source for the latest contract award information. After you upload your catalog to GSA Advantage! (products) or eLibrary (services) your product and services offerings will be available through these tools.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-22