GSA Acquisition Policy, Integrity & Workforce

The Office of General Services Acquisition Policy, Integrity & Workforce develops acquisition policy and an informed and engaged workforce to help agencies deliver high value acquisition mission solutions. The office is primarily responsible for overseeing GSA-wide acquisition matters, including:

  • GSA acquisition policy development and maintenance
  • Compliance with laws, regulations and policies
  • Taking action against troubled contractors, when necessary
  • Development and execution of strategies to strengthen the GSA Acquisition Workforce

This office collaborates internally with the Acquisition Management Divisions of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and Public Buildings Service (PBS), and externally with other national stakeholders to effectively serve the procurement needs of GSA and its customers.

This office includes the following divisions

The Procurement Management Review Division assesses GSA’s acquisition centers and activities and reports on compliance with procurement laws and regulations mainly through on site visits to GSA contracting activities. The Division reports on compliance with statutory, regulatory, and policy guidance, as well as sound business practices. The PMRD also identifies acquisition weaknesses (transactional and entity level) and helps acquisition centers prepare for any external/internal agency audits. The Division’s goal is to support GSA’s acquisition associates to help them effectively and efficiently perform acquisition functions.

The General Services Acquisition Policy Division writes and revises the General Services Administration Acquisition Manual (GSAM), GSA's internal rules on how to acquire goods and services. The Division establishes and implements acquisition policies for the agency to fulfill immediate and long term acquisition goals and priorities. In addition, the Division takes on various reporting requirements (i.e., to the Office of Management and Budget), and works with the Regions on special projects such as the Competition Advocacy Report and Labor Advisor cases.

The Acquisition Workforce Division fosters professional development of the GSA acquisition workforce, which includes GS-1102, GS-1105 and GS 1170 Series, Contracting Officers' Representatives/Contracting Officers' Technical Representatives, Program and Project Managers, and other acquisition-related positions. The Division leads human capital efforts to strengthen the GSA acquisition workforce, manages Federal acquisition certification programs, and ensures that GSA’s acquisition workforce has the capabilities to fulfill our acquisition needs. The Division also manages GSA's Contracting Officer Warrant Program (COWP) and the Contingency Contracting cadre which supports agencies during national and international emergencies.

The Suspension & Debarment Division processes suspension and debarment cases, issues agency protest decisions, and handles task order and metrication Ombudsmen complaints, justification and approval requests, sole source approvals, requests for waivers and organizational conflict of interest issues. The Division also handles a variety of special projects as assigned by the Senior Procurement Executive and Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-10