Procurement Innovation Resource Center (PIRC)

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The GSA Procurement Innovation Resource Center (PIRC) is an internal resource center that provides guidance and tools to assist the GSA acquisition team with acquiring innovative products and services. PIRC was created to implement the new commercial solutions opening procedure detailed below as well as highlight other tools and resources for promoting innovation on procurements. The PIRC provides guidance to the GSA acquisition workforce for using unique contract vehicles for innovation solutions such as:

  • Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) Procedure
    • Section 880 of the FY17 NDAA authorized GSA to implement a pilot program to competitively procure innovative commercial items, technologies, and services using CSO procedures. CSO is new acquisition mechanism that provides a streamlined acquisition process and simplified contract terms that is designed to open up the field of competition so that the Government and taxpayers benefit from a large pool of solutions at a better cost and performance.
    • CSO is not governed by rules for contracts per the FAR. CSO is different from Other Transaction Authority (OTA). OTA is a legally binding procurement agreement between government and industry authorized for scientific research, technology development, and prototype projects.
    • GSA has issued guidance for this CSO procedure within GSAM 571—Pilot Program for Innovative Commercial Items. Links to the GSAM 571 as well as the PIRC CSO Guide and PIRC CSO Solicitation Template are provided below.
    • For any feedback on the PIRC CSO Pilot Program, please contact Kevin Funk at
  • Prize Based Acquisitions
  • Challenge Based Acquisitions
  • NTIS Joint Venture Program

It also highlights acquisition methodologies that can be utilized within FAR based or non-FAR based vehicles, including:

PIRC also provides links to additional resources, training and tools for acquisition innovation such as:

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