National Accounts Teams

National Customer Engagement Contacts

Our National Customer Leads are the primary points of contact for our federal agency customers. Working with colleagues in the national and regional offices, the National Customer Leads head a network of experienced personnel dedicated to providing excellence in service delivery, everywhere and every time.

Below is a list of our National Customer Leads and the agencies they partner with, as well as a list of our customer engagement leadership.

National Customer Leads
John Harris
(202) 528-5730
Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of the Interior

John McDaniel
(202) 573-2094
Customs and Border Protection, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Andrew Heller
(202) 253-1597

Jennifer Kendall
(202) 208-0139
Department of Health and Human Services

Greg Wright
(215) 287-9889

Pat Zucca
(215) 266-4577
Social Security Administration

Eric Berger
(202) 384-3167
Department of Agriculture (all other agencies) Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs

Wilma Bommer
(202) 251-5879
Army, Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security (all other agencies)

Tiffany Simon
(202) 501-9093
Department of State, United States Attorney’s Office, United States Marshals Service

Wally Yanuario
(202) 281-5561
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Drug Enforcement Agency, Transportation Security Administration), Department of Justice (all other agencies)

Art DelRosso
(617) 565-6229
All other agencies

National Customer Engagement Leadership
Benjamin Kochanski
Associate Assistant Commissioner
(202) 821-7546

Jennifer Kendall
National Client Executive Director
(202) 208-0139

Seyi Gbadegesin
National Planning Director
(202) 219-3064

Maria Torres
Director, Customer Support & Operations
(202) 870-6548

Vickie Morrell
Director of Customer Programs
(215) 205-7707

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