Historic Building Posters & Brochures

Federal agencies have a mandate to increase public benefit from federally owned historic properties. The Center for Historic Buildings has highlighted more than 100 of GSA's most significant buildings in a series of posters and brochures.

The featured buildings span more than 150 years of construction and were designed by prominent architects as:

Our Poster Collection

This award-winning series of posters is available online as individual PDF files; printed versions of the posters (24" by 36"), as well as brochures, can be obtained by contacting the Historic Buildings Program (supplies are limited).

In addition to our collection of posters of historic properties, the Center for Historic Buildings also has an extensive collection of Modern building posters and brochures.

Skip directly to our collection of Modern buildings, or browse the list of available posters below, organized by state:

Modern Building Posters

In it's first thirty years, GSA undertook more than 700 building projects across the nation. This period of extensive federal growth coincided with the second wave of the Modern movement, with architects exploring technological advances with creativity and optimism.

GSA's most noted Modern buildings stand as striking landmarks designed by master architects. But economic goals often took precedence over architectural distinction, and the majority of 1950s, 60s, and 70s federal buildings reflect typical office design of the period.

To increase awareness of these important structures as they begin to qualify for consideration as historic buildings in their own right, the Center for Historic Buildings issued a special set of posters and brochures highlighting selected federal modern-era buildings. They are available online as individual PDF files; printed versions may be obtained by contacting the Historic Buildings Program.

The shortcut to this page is gsa.gov/historicbuildingposters.

Last Reviewed: 2022-11-30