Office of Civil Rights Library


No FEAR Act Reports

GSA Age Act Report - FY18 [PDF - 229 KB]

Annual Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Statistical Report of Discrimination Complaints (EEOC form 462)

Annual Form 462 - FY20 [PDF - 78 KB]

Annual Form 462 - FY19 [PDF - 83 KB]

Annual Form 462 - FY18 [PDF - 78 KB]

Management Directive 715 (MD-715) Annual Report to EEOC

FY19 MD-715 Annual Report Revised [PDF - 1 MB]

FY19 MD-715 Annual Report Text Only [PDF - 521 KB]

FY18 MD-715 Report [PDF - 1 MB]

FY17 MD-715 Report [PDF - 724 KB]

Part J. Special Program for Persons with Disabilities

Part J. Special Program for Persons with Disabilities [PDF - 246 KB]

Policy Statements

Former Administrator's 2020 Statement - EEO [PDF - 224 KB]

2310.7 ADM General Services Administration (GSA) policy statement on equal employment opportunity (EEO)

2325.8 ADM GSA Policy Statement on Harassment, Including Sexual and Non-sexual

9700.6 HRM Anti-Harassment Procedures in the Workplace

2300.1 HRM Policy and Procedures for Providing Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities

Environmental Justice

Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

LEP Executive Order w/GSA guidance for recipients of FFA

LEP Planning Resources w/iSpeak Cards and Census data

Disability Access for GSA Programs and Activities

Executive Order 13160: Education and Training

Last Reviewed: 2021-05-24