Business Transaction Processing

GSA Global Supply’s industry direct delivery program meets customer demands by using mature industry delivery systems to lower the total operating costs of the federal supply chain. Any contractor interested in conducting business with GSA Global Supply must understand and adhere to the business rules and requirements as they relate to:

  • Purchase order acknowledgements
  • Shipment information
  • Delivery information
  • Delivery documentation
  • Accuracy of data provided to GSA
  • Contractor cancellations
  • Customer cancellations
  • Compliance with GSA shipping documentation guidelines
  • Processing of backorders
  • Processing of emergency purchase orders

Requirements and Guidelines

  • All transactions will be submitted to and received by the “prime” contractor ONLY.
  • Any additional electronic transaction communication that is required to fulfill Customer Order(s) between the contractors and its suppliers shall be the responsibility of the “prime” contractor ONLY.
  • No subcontractor submissions are accepted, and contractor teaming arrangements must designate a lead contractor.

All contractors supporting GSA Global Supply orders must:

  • Acknowledge receipt of a purchase order within one business day.
  • Acknowledge receipt of a purchase order change within one business day.
  • Accept/Reject purchase order cancellation requests within one business day.

GSA Global Supply mandates that industry partners use one of the following business transaction processing methods:

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Last Reviewed: 2022-05-13