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As of October 1, 2014 GSA uses FOIAonline to manage Freedom of Information Act Requests and is GSA's repository for all records released under FOIA. The records and documents provided below are frequently requested items.

The materials on this page are provided as distributed to the requestors, and therefore not all of the documents in this section are fully Section 508 compliant. If you have difficulties accessing a file or need assistance, please contact the GSA's Freedom of Information Act Program at 202-501-9180.

FBI HQ Site Selection

2020 - 2021 Presidential Transition Documents


Content Managers - L ListServ

Government Travel

Premium Class Travel

Senior Federal Travel


Presidential Transition Team 30 Day Reports

Old Post Office - Ground Lease

Old Post Office - Certificate of Financial Status

Trump Old Post Office LLC - Financial Monthly Statements - Redacted

Frequently Requested Leases - Redacted

2010 PBS WRC Conference

Note: The videos were compressed into multiple files due to their large size.

Other Documents

GSA FOIA Review and Plan

Public Information Handbook

Your Right to Federal Records

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-31