Personal Property Publications

GSA offers a variety of publications addressing specific aspects of acquiring and disposing excess federal personal property. GSA also keeps agencies up to date on the latest programs and developments. These items are:

  • The Personal Property Disposal Guide [PDF - 910 KB] is a reference for all aspects of personal property disposal.
  • The Personal Property Sustainability Brochure [PDF - 1 MB] outlines various programs that facilitate reuse of federal property and minimize the environmental impact of agency operations.
  • The Why Use GSA Personal Property Management [PDF - 1 MB] brochure summarizes the regulatory and public policy rationale for using this GSA program to acquire or sell personal property.
  • The Guide to the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program [PDF - 1 MB] is an outline of the scope of the program, eligible recipients, and the necessary procedures to donate personal property items.
  • A summary of the variety of sales methods GSA offers to facilitate an agency’s sale of personal property can be found in the GSA Auctions Flyer [PDF - 295 KB] . GSA auctions include online and live auctions.
  • GSA Order FSS P 4025.5 (with Appendices) Provides procedures for donation of federal surplus personal property according to the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, 63 Stat. 377, as amended, and other applicable laws. It is divided into Part I [DOC - 667 KB] and Part II [DOC - 508 KB] .
  • Information on any items available for private citizens for purchase after personal property has completed the surplus donation process is available in the For Public Sale [PDF - 863 KB] publication. Additional details available on the Surplus Personal Property Sales website.
  • Computers for Learning [PDF - 164 KB] provides an overview of the program benefits for schools, federal agencies and the environment.

Visit our Centralized Mailing List Service to order printed copies of GSA publications. Personal Property Management brochures are available online. You can get additional information from your Area Property Officer.

Last Reviewed: 2019-10-24